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    Unable to build strong relationships with your shuttering plywood manufacturer?

    Quality Inconsistency

    Facing issues with varying quality in shipments, impacting the reliability and performance of the shuttering plywood.

    Delayed Delivery

    Timely delivery is crucial for project timelines, and delays can lead to disruptions in construction schedules.

    Lack of Sales Support

    Require support from manufacturers in terms of training, product knowledge, and marketing strategies.

    Lack of Brand Monopoly

    Unresolved territorial issues can strain relationships, creating an unhealthy competitive environment, and affect overall sales.

    Slow Updates from Manufacturers

    Lacking real-time information on order status can cause challenges in managing customer expectations and planning their inventory.

    Lack of Marketing and Ad Material

    Limited promotional support may result in decreased visibility, making it harder to attract new customers.

    Your struggle to get a consistent quality standard in every order ends here.

    About United Timber Works

    Established in 1977, United Timber Works has been a beacon of excellence in the world of timber craftsmanship. For over four decades, we have honed our skills and passion to become a name synonymous with timeless elegance, sustainable practices, and unparalleled quality.

    We specialize in providing our dealers with a product that not only meets stringent quality standards but also caters to global demand through its versatility and waterproof features. This can empower dealers to confidently market and sell our High-Density Waterproof Film Faced Shuttering Plywood, leading to increased brand trust and market expansion.

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    Quality Assurance for Dealers:

    • All Layers Glued: United Timber Works ensures that all layers of its High-Density Waterproof Film Faced Shuttering Plywood are securely glued. This feature guarantees the structural integrity of the plywood, providing dealers with a reliable and durable product to offer their customers.

    • All Lines Eucalyptus Hardwood: The use of Eucalyptus Hardwood in all lines of the plywood enhances strength and durability. Dealers can confidently market this plywood, knowing it is made from high-quality materials, meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

    Global Demand and Versatility:
    • 120 GSM Phenolic Film: The inclusion of a 120 GSM Phenolic Film ensures a robust and resilient surface. This feature makes the plywood suitable for various applications in construction, offering dealers a versatile product that can cater to a wide range of customer needs.


    • Mirror Finish Surface: The mirror finish surface not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also signifies a high standard of manufacturing. This can attract customers looking for premium and visually appealing solutions, expanding the market for dealers globally.
    Waterproof and Longevity:

    Phenolic Resin-Based Waterproof Ply: United Timber Works’ use of phenolic resin in its waterproof ply ensures resistance against water, enhancing the longevity of the plywood. Dealers can market this feature to customers in regions prone to moisture or damp conditions, offering a solution that withstands environmental challenges.

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    At United Timber Works, we go beyond the standard, delivering not just products but a partnership that ensures your success in every project. Choose us for an unparalleled experience in the world of plywood. 

    While our plywood may share technical specifications with industry competitors, our commitment to excellence extends far beyond the product itself.

    Responsive Customer Care

    By sending an executive to the construction site within 24 hours.

    Sales Support Beyond the Basics

    Provide dedicated CRM, enhancing inventory turns and regular leads to dealers.

    Pioneering On-Time Delivery

    Achieving 80% On-Time Delivery target, focusing on reliability.

    Unmatched Quality Consistency

    Commit to a high level of quality consistency with a complaint percentage below 1-2%.

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    Pinku Kumar

    I run express shuttering plywood retail counter. Response is great from clients


    Sunil Bangarh

    Bought 30kg densified plywood,it’s gave really high repetition.good product


    Priti Barman

    Best factory for shuttering plywood,they manufacture only all glued PF ply, great quality


    Rohit Kumar

    Best plywood manufacturer and supplier in Yamunanagar. Very nice experience to purchase ply from here. I used this product it’s superior quality and very economical in comparison to similar products of other brands. I would strongly recommend it.


    Shivam Lamba

    Amazing place for shuttering plywood at competitive prices. 100% recommended!


    Sanjay Raj

    United timber works 28 mm plywood is the best in the market, export quality

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